Training Course

Green Playgrounds: Promoting Inclusion and Environmental Awareness through Sports

Dates: 10.06.2024 – 17.06.2024

Place: Paola, Italy

Description: This program recognized sports as a powerful tool for promoting inclusion, environmental consciousness, and the core values of the European Union. “Green Playgrounds” engaged youth in various sports activities that are intertwined with environmental education and inclusive practices, fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and responsibility. The initiative seeked to leverage the universal appeal of sports to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to engage in environmental stewardship while practicing and upholding EU values.

The primary goal of “Green Playgrounds” was to inspire youth workers to create sports-based programs that not only engage young people in physical activities but also embed lessons of environmental care and inclusivity. The initiative developed a sense of European identity among participants, based on shared values of respect, diversity, and sustainability. Additionally, it seeked to empower youth to become active agents in their communities, promoting environmental responsibility and inclusive participation through the medium of sports. This program was designed for youth workers who are not only enthusiastic about sports but are also capable and interested in actively participating in various sports activities. The initiative emphasized the importance of physical engagement in sports as a means to effectively connect with and inspire youth.

Specific Sports Activities: Youth workers participating in this program were involved in a range of sports activities, including:

  • Soccer: Promoting teamwork and strategy while discussing environmental teamwork.
  • Basketball: Focusing on coordination and cooperation, paralleling these skills with community environmental efforts.
  • Swimming: Emphasizing personal discipline and the importance of water conservation.
  • Beach Volleyball: Encouraging fun and active engagement in a beach setting, linking to coastal environmental awareness.
  • Tennis: Highlighting individual skill development and the value of persistence, related to long-term environmental goals.