Training Course

Digital Empowerment and Human Rights: Fostering Inclusive Communities through Technology

Dates: 04.04.2024 – 11.04.2024

Place: Budapest, Hungary

Description: In an increasingly digital world, the intersection of technology, human rights, and inclusion has become more crucial than ever. Youth workers play a vital role in shaping inclusive communities, but often lack the necessary digital tools and knowledge to effectively advocate for and implement human rights-oriented initiatives. This project, organized by Copernicus Berlin in Budapest, bridged this gap by empowering youth workers with digital competencies while emphasizing the importance of human rights and inclusion.

Project Goals were:

  1. to enhance digital literacy: to improve the digital skills of youth workers, enabling them to utilize digital tools effectively in their work.
  2. to promote human rights awareness: to increase understanding and awareness of human rights issues within digital contexts.
  3. to foster inclusivity: to equip participants with the knowledge to create and maintain inclusive digital spaces that respect and promote diversity.
  4. to encourage networking and collaboration: to build a network of youth workers across Europe who are knowledgeable in digital technologies and committed to human rights advocacy.


  • Educational Workshops: Conduct workshops focusing on digital literacy, inclusive communication tools, and digital advocacy strategies for human rights.
  • Practical Skills Development: Provide hands-on training in using digital platforms for social change, with a focus on accessibility and inclusive design.
  • Human Rights and Digital Ethics: Explore the ethical implications of digital technology in relation to privacy, data protection, and digital rights as human rights.
  • Project Development and Implementation: Guide participants to develop and implement their own digital projects or campaigns that champion human rights and inclusion.
  • Interactive Learning Sessions: Facilitate interactive sessions for cultural exchange and discussions on global human rights issues and how they manifest in different communities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Create platforms for participants to connect with experts, activists, and fellow youth workers for future collaborations and knowledge exchange.

This project was designed for youth workers who are eager to expand their digital skills and integrate human rights advocacy into their work. Participants gained valuable insights into creating inclusive digital environments, understanding the nuances of digital rights, and leveraging technology for social good. The skills and knowledge acquired through this program not only enhanced their professional capabilities but also had a ripple effect in their communities, promoting a more inclusive, aware, and digitally savvy society.