Training Course

Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development: A Global Perspective

Dates: 30.04.2024 – 07.05.2024

Place: Prague, Czech Republic

Description: The intricate relationship between cultural heritage and sustainable development is a global concern, transcending national boundaries. This project focused on how youth workers worldwide can contribute to preserving cultural heritage while promoting sustainable development practices. It provided a comprehensive understanding of how cultural heritage, an invaluable asset for any society, can be a driving force for sustainable and inclusive growth.

Project Goals were:

  • to Promote Understanding of Cultural Heritage: To deepen youth workers’ appreciation and understanding of diverse cultural heritages across the globe.
  • to Link Heritage to Sustainable Practices: To explore innovative ways in which cultural heritage can be integrated with sustainable development goals.
  • to Empowerment Through Education: To empower youth workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for and implement sustainable heritage management.


  • Educational Workshops: Conduct workshops on the importance of cultural heritage, its preservation, and its relevance to sustainable development.
  • Sustainability Integration: Teach how sustainable practices can be incorporated into heritage conservation and promotion.
  • Skill Development in Heritage Management: Provide training in cultural heritage management, focusing on sustainable and community-based approaches.
  • Global Perspectives: Offer insights into different cultural heritage practices and sustainability models from around the world.
  • Project Development and Implementation: Encourage participants to conceptualize and plan projects that align cultural heritage preservation with sustainable development in their own communities.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Create opportunities for participants to network with global peers, sharing ideas and best practices in cultural heritage and sustainability.

For Youth Workers:

This project was tailored for youth workers who are passionate about cultural heritage and sustainability. It offered a unique opportunity to explore how these two critical areas intersect and how they can be effectively merged to promote both the preservation of cultural heritage and the achievement of sustainable development goals. Participants left with a richer understanding of global cultural heritage, equipped with practical skills and innovative ideas to make a tangible impact in their communities.