Training Course

Coastal Unity: Sustainable Solutions in Europe and the Caribbean

Dates: 12.01.2024 – 19.01.2024

Place: Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean island), the Netherlands

Description: In the vast expanse of our world, both the European Union, with its diverse coastal regions and islands, and Curaçao, a jewel in the Caribbean, have unique stories tied to their maritime geographies. These stories, however, come with challenges – challenges woven together by the wrath of climate change, the unpredictability of sea-level rise and the socio-economic dynamics specific to island and coastal cultures. But within these challenges lies an opportunity – an opportunity for collaboration, mutual learning and growth.

This project invited youth workers to dive deep into understanding, valuing and addressing these intertwined challenges, with a firm anchor in inclusivity and environmental sustainability. It begined by exploring the common and distinct cultural characteristics of European and Caribbean islands and coasts. A journey through their rich heritage revealed the potential for sustainable and inclusive development.

Climate resilience taked centre stage as participants unravel the common dilemmas of sea level rise, marine pollution and threats to biodiversity. They also looked for solutions that have emerged in both regions to address these challenges. The socio-economic dynamics affecting island and coastal regions will be examined. The focus was on identifying and promoting economic growth models that are not only sustainable but also inclusive, ensuring that no resident is left behind.

Finally, at the heart of this project was the vibrant pulse of the participating youth workers on their community. The focus was on strategising ways to involve local communities, especially young people, in sustainable decision-making processes. This not only ensured a better future for these regions, but also promoted cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Through CUSSEC, the aim was to create a common tapestry of shared experiences, knowledge and aspirations. One that ensured that youth workers return not only with insights, but with a vision for collaboration that promotes inclusion, sustainability and shared growth for both Europe and the Caribbean.