Our scholarship programs

Who Benefits from our Scholarships?

Since 2000, COPERNICUS BERLIN has proudly granted over 1000 scholarships to individuals from 105 countries. Our support has empowered students, graduates, and professionals worldwide to pursue their dreams and contribute positively to our global community

Scholarships idea

In numerous nations, young individuals face hurdles in accessing top-tier university education, limited chances for international study experiences, and minimal opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge practically. This education deficit contributes to democratic deficits, weak socio-economic conditions, and social inequality.

Since the year 2000, COPERNICUS BERLIN has been dedicated to leveling the playing field in education. Our mission is to empower young minds with equal educational opportunities, ultimately fostering the growth of democracy, economic prosperity, and progressive civil societies. We believe in equipping the youth with unique experiences that they can later apply in their home countries, driving positive change.

COPERNICUS BERLIN is committed to fostering a new generation of professionals who not only excel in their fields but also contribute positively to their home countries and the global community. Through our internship initiatives, we aim to empower young talents with the skills and confidence they need to succeed, while simultaneously promoting international cooperation and understanding.