Portuguese Group Interview on the Training Course “From NEET to Compete: A Comprehensive Approach to Youth Employability.”

Tell us your opinion about the Project “From NEET to Compete”. Which relevant information did you learn during the training course? What was new/the most relevant and interesting for you? 

We gained a lot from the project by bringing together diverse cultures of girls with awareness and experience in their projects. Sharing and exchanging experiences is one of the best things ever. The ideas we generated, despite our cultural and linguistic differences, were fascinating. We enjoyed the social media aspect because it’s crucial for any business. The project owner sharing her experiences and overcoming obstacles was incredibly valuable. Learning about others’ experiences and the challenges each of us faced, as well as how culture and geography influenced business growth or closure, was the most important and interesting aspect for us. Furthermore, learning about migration challenges, social inclusion, mental health, and people who are at risk of becoming NEET was very enlightening. We think it is necessary for us to know that there are endless factors to why people cannot perform properly in society, and we need to be aware of such things. Moreover, it is great to have such a discussion with an array of people to identify this problem. We think we will not solve these issues on our own but identifying the problem is a step forward.

What do you think makes this topic critically important these days? 

Cultural exchange, experience sharing, and utilizing social media, especially platforms like Instagram and TikTok, have become crucial aspects for the success and expansion of any business beyond its geographical scope. The effective use of social media plays a pivotal role in attracting customers. Instagram, with its emphasis on visuals, provides unique opportunities to market projects in an engaging way, particularly due to its large user base. TikTok, on the other hand, allows businesses to interact creatively with the audience through short video clips. Understanding the audience on each platform and adapting your strategy to fit their content consumption patterns contributes to achieving effective marketing success. TikTok, with its dynamic interaction, is currently one of the most important platforms to promote your project and reach a diverse and youthful audience. jobs. We need to create an environment where we can identify such problems and resolve them. Moreover, it was brilliant that we included the topic of mental health and physical disability to the topic because this hinders people from properly participating in a productive manner. We need to create a society that accepts and allows people with such conditions to prosper. Not only will this improve their quality of life, but it will also prevent us from spending money on social programs.

How can you apply the knowledge gained during the Training Course to your Personal path as well as raise awareness about this topic in your community? 

The knowledge we acquired during the training course, we will leverage social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to enhance our personal journey. We will adopt effective marketing methods on these platforms, using visual and interactive content to captivate the audience’s attention and innovate the promotion of our project. Furthermore, we will utilize the experiences and lessons learned to improve our business plan, enhancing the effectiveness of our strategies, and promoting the growth of our project. We will also work on organizing operations systematically, addressing challenges to contribute to the stability of our venture. As for raising awareness in our community, we will share these experiences and knowledge with our friends in a detailed and comprehensive manner. We will disseminate awareness content on social media platforms and conduct dialogue sessions and workshops to share insights. Through these efforts, we aim to build awareness based on successful entrepreneurial experiences, encouraging participation and positive impact in the community. We can resolve this by creating integration programs or language courses to integrate them.