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Welcome to our diverse team!

We believe that diversity is the secret ingredient to success. With teammates from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, we learn and grow together every day. From sharing unique ideas during brainstorming sessions to embracing new traditions at team celebrations, our diverse team fosters creativity and innovation.

Meet Our Team

David Budaghyan

Managing Director

Laura Weber

Head of International Cooperation

Amir Sabri​

Head of Fundraising

Tim Hass

Desk Officer for Legal

Margot Cooper

Data Protection Officer

Imanif Jomo-Gbomo

Desk Officer for Communication

Darya Skibbe

HR Expert

Lukas Schröder

Project Controller

Tang Rui Min


Tushar Rajagopalan

Desk Ofiicer for Public Relations

Vanessa Cardoso

Online Marketing

Erik Löfgren

Program Officer

Helene Becker

Program Officer

Julian Albrecht

Program Officer

Veronika Ivanova

Program Officer

Zeng Shen

Office Administrator

Eva Degée

Office Administrator

Hatima Mirza

Event Producer

Francesco Ruberto

Project Developer

Aleksandrs Posts

Project Developer

Palina Haduika

Graphic Designer

Alex Cozlovschi

Project Trainer