Final Meeting of the KA2 Project “Give Them a Second Chance”

On the 14th of November, the spanish town of Torremolinos became the venue for the significant final assembly of the KA2 project, aptly named “Give Them a Second Chance (G2C)“, with Copernicus Berlin at the helm of coordination. The core objective of G2C revolves around nurturing and promoting a second-chance entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. This is particularly aimed at supporting businesspersons who have previously encountered hurdles or failures in their initial ventures, providing them with a structured pathway to make a robust reentry into the business arena.

In this critical culminating meeting, the partners engaged in comprehensive discussions, addressing every aspect and detail needed to ensure the smooth and successful wrap-up of the project. The focus was not just on concluding the current initiatives but also on laying down a foundation for continuous support and development in the realm of second-chance entrepreneurship.