Training Course

Youth Work in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development

Dates: 23.01.2025 – 30.01.2025

Place: Reunion Island, France

Description: This training course will focus on enhancing youth workers’ competences in environmental education and sustainable development. Leveraging Reunion Island’s unique ecological landscape, this course aims to equip youth workers with the knowledge and tools to promote environmental awareness and sustainability among young people. Participants will learn how to design and implement educational programs that encourage eco-friendly behaviors and conservation efforts.


  1. Enhancing Environmental Education: Equip youth workers with the skills to deliver effective environmental education programs, fostering a deeper understanding of ecological issues among young people.
  2. Promoting Sustainable Development: Train youth workers to integrate sustainability principles into youth programs, encouraging responsible and eco-friendly behaviors.
  3. Encouraging Conservation Efforts: Provide youth workers with the tools to inspire young people to participate in local conservation projects and environmental protection activities.


  • Workshops on Environmental Education: Sessions on key environmental topics such as climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable resource management.
  • Field Trips and Ecological Studies: Practical experiences in Reunion Island’s diverse ecosystems, including guided nature walks, wildlife observation, and conservation projects.
  • Project Design and Implementation: Practical exercises in designing and implementing educational programs that promote environmental awareness and sustainability.
  • Eco-friendly Practices: Training on integrating sustainable practices into daily activities and youth programs, such as waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation.
  • Peer Learning and Networking: Opportunities for participants to share experiences, strategies, and build a network of professionals committed to environmental education and sustainable development.


Participating countries: Germany, France, Italy, Romania.

Working language: English

Costs: Travel expenses from Germany to Reunion and return will be reimbursed up to max. 1000 EUR.

Contribution: To participate in this project, participants should share the values and support the mission of Copernicus Berlin. With the contributions of the selected participants Copernicus Berlin can create new opportunities. In the application form there is the possibility to choose the amount of the contribution. With a high contribution, participants can present their strong support and might be selected quickly. Contributions of 200 EUR or more are eligible for a donation certificate from Copernicus Berlin. For information on how to receive a donation certificate or other benefits, please click here:

Accommodation: The accomodation costs are covered. During the days of the training course participants will be accommodated in bungalows at KITOKO LOCATION.

Meal: Participants will receive a daily allowance to cook together in bungalows, fostering intercultural exchange through the joy of food and shared culinary adventures.​

Travel: You can also stay 2 days longer or arrive 2 days earlier and explore the area at your own expense.

Registration is open until 14th of July.

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