Training Course

Femme Financial Freedom

Dates: 05.08.2024 – 13.08.2024

Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

Description: Migration has become a significant feature of contemporary society, and its feminisation is one of the most notable aspects of this trend. Women now represent a significant proportion of the migrant and refugee populations within Europe, although it is difficult to obtain exact figures due to the lack of gender-disaggregated statistics produced by national governments and international organizations alike, and the phenomenon of undocumented migration, which is impossible to measure. However, estimates suggest that women constitute more than 50% of migrants and refugees in the EU, and in some cases, particular migratory flows are almost entirely female, such as in the case of refugee populations from Ukraine.

The training programme in financial literacy will provide an OER tool that will support young women with migrant and refugee background both to acquire relevant competences and to have equal opportunities for inclusion in all aspects of life in their new home country.

Participating countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Romania.

Working language: English

Costs: Travel expenses from Germany to Bulgaria and return will be reimbursed up to max. 275 EUR.

Contribution: To participate in this project, participants should share the values and support the mission of Copernicus Berlin. With the contributions of the selected participants Copernicus Berlin can create new opportunities. In the application form there is the possibility to choose the amount of the contribution. With a high contribution, participants can present their strong support and might be selected quickly. Contributions of 200 EUR or more are eligible for a donation certificate from Copernicus Berlin. For information on how to receive a donation certificate or other benefits, please click here:

Accommodation: The accomodation costs are covered. During the days of the training course participants will be accommodated in a 4-star Royal Bansko aparthotel.  

Meal: The costs for 3 times meal are covered. 

Travel: You can also stay 2 days longer or arrive 2 days earlier and explore the area at your own expense.

Registration is open until 14th of July.

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