Training Course

European Values and Democracy Education for Youth Workers (EVADE)

Dates: 18.03.2024 – 26.03.2024

Place: Tbilisi, Georgia

Description: The project is conceived against the background of significant socio-political changes and the pervasive challenge of misinformation, which have highlighted the urgent need for young people’s informed and active participation in democratic processes. Recognising the key role of youth workers in shaping the perspectives and actions of the younger generations, this initiative seeks to strengthen their understanding and implementation of European values, human rights and democratic principles.

Working at grassroots level, youth workers are often at the forefront of guiding and mentoring young people. However, in the complex and rapidly changing landscape of modern Europe, they are challenged to adequately equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and communicate the ideals of democracy and human rights. This project therefore aims to bridge this gap by providing youth workers from various European countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Jordan, with the tools and understanding needed to effectively engage and inspire youth in these crucial areas.

By focusing on this mission, the project not only addresses immediate education and training needs, but also contributes to the wider goal of fostering a more informed, inclusive and actively participating youth population in the European democratic fabric. This is particularly relevant today, when the role of young people in shaping a democratic, peaceful and prosperous Europe is more important than ever.

The main objective of EVADE is to equip youth workers with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in European values, human rights education and democratic participation. Specific objectives:

  1. Improve understanding: To improve understanding of the core values of the European Union and the importance of human rights in the European context.
  2. Building capacity: To develop the capacity of youth workers to educate and engage young people in democratic processes and human rights advocacy.
  3. Foster exchanges: To create a platform for cultural and knowledge exchange between youth workers from different European countries, promoting intercultural understanding and cooperation.
  4. Promote active citizenship: To motivate youth workers to promote active citizenship among young people, emphasising their role in shaping a democratic and inclusive Europe.

Working language: English

Costs: Travel expenses from Germany to Georgia and return will be reimbursed up to max. 320 EUR.

Contribution: To participate in this project, participants should share the values and support the mission of Copernicus Berlin. With the contributions of the selected participants Copernicus Berlin can create new opportunities. In the application form there is the possibility to choose the amount of the contribution. With a high contribution, participants can present their strong support and might be selected quickly.

Accommodation: Participants will stay in cozy, fully furnished apartments located in the heart of Tbilisi, right on Liberty Square, ensuring a convenient and comfortable experience during the course.

Meal: Participants will receive a daily allowance to cook together in comfortable apartments, fostering intercultural exchange through the joy of food and shared culinary adventures.​

Travel: You can also stay 2 days longer or arrive 2 days earlier and explore the area at your own expense.

Registration is open until 13th of December.

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