Earth-Friendly Adulthood – Short Term Mobility Programme in Pärnu, Estonia

COPERNICUS BERLIN’S short-term mobility programme for adult learners in Pärnu, Estonia, was a success. From 3 to 11 October 2023, participants, all adult learners embarked on an enriching journey to explore and acquire green skills and ecological competencies that are crucial for the current labour market in Germany.

Upon arrival at Parnu central bus station, participants were warmly welcomed and transferred to their hotel in Pärnu. The first day was dedicated to settling in and meeting the dedicated team of RNUN teachers and staff who would guide them throughout this educational journey.

Day by day learning experience:

Day 1 – Introduction to environmental education: The programme began with an introduction to environmental education in Estonia. Participants attended lectures and workshops on sustainable development, green energy and waste management, setting the stage for the extensive learning to come.

Day 2 – Renewable Energy: Focusing on renewable energy, the day’s sessions covered the latest technologies and best practices in wind, solar and hydro power. This provided delegates with cutting-edge knowledge on how to harness renewable energy.

Day 3 – Sustainable Construction and Design: Participants explored sustainable building materials, energy efficient design and sustainable architecture, gaining insights into green building methods.

Day 4 – Environmental Policy and Advocacy: This day was dedicated to understanding the policy and regulatory frameworks for environmental protection in Estonia and the EU, as well as strategies for environmental advocacy and engagement with policy makers.

Day 5 – Circular economy and waste management: Exploring the circular economy, participants visited a local project to learn how circular principles are applied in waste management and resource use. Discussions with business leaders provided insights into the skills required for careers in the sector.

Day 6 – Biodiversity and nature conservation: Focusing on the importance of biodiversity, threats to it and conservation strategies, participants gained an understanding of ecological conservation.

Day 7 – Sustainable Agriculture: Visiting a local sustainable farm, participants learned about practices such as organic farming and permaculture directly from experts in the field.

Day 8 – Green Entrepreneurship: This day offered insights into starting and running green businesses, including interactions with successful green entrepreneurs and visits to local green businesses.

Day 9 -Reflection and Farewell: The final day was dedicated to reflection and group discussions where participants reflected on their learning and growth. The programme ended with a celebratory farewell dinner.

As the participants travelled back to Berlin, the impact of this immersive experience was evident. They returned with vital green skills and a deepened understanding of ecological practices, ready to make a positive contribution to the green labour market and their communities. This programme not only enriched the participants’ professional skills, but also broadened their perspectives on sustainability, marking a significant milestone in COPERNICUS BERLIN’S commitment to promoting lifelong learning and environmental stewardship.