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Donations and support play a pivotal role in our mission to drive positive change, provide equal educational opportunities, and make a significant impact on sustainability in the world around us.

Supporting the Copernicus Berlin mission is easier than ever. Your contributions make a real difference. You can help by making a financial donation, which enables us to offer scholarships for equal education opportunities. Donating goods also goes a long way in covering our office needs. Additionally, you can support us passively through Bildungsspender, where every purchase you make contributes to our cause.

Financial support

Your financial support is a powerful catalyst for positive change. Every amount you invest in our organization goes directly toward initiatives and projects that have a meaningful impact on supporting equal education.

We understand that giving a financial donation may not always be convenient, which is why we offer a range of gratitude packages for different contribution levels. Explore our thanks packages to discover how you can make a difference and receive special acknowledgments in return for your support.

200-1999 EUR

As thanks you will receive

2000-9999 EUR

As thanks you will receive

10.000+ EUR

As thanks you will receive

There are several ways you can support our organization financially:

Direct Debit

At COPERNICUS BERLIN, we understand that not everyone prefers online donations. If you’d like to support our cause but would rather not make an online transaction, we offer you an alternative and hassle-free method – sending us a direct debit authorization (SEPA direct debit mandate) by post or by email. This secure and straightforward option allows us to debit your donation directly from your account, whether it’s a one-time, monthly, or annual contribution. You can download the direct debit authorization form here. Click on the button to download the SEPA direct debit authorization form.

Once you have filled out the form, please scan it and send it via email to accounting@copernicusberlin.de. Upon receiving your email, our team will be pleased to provide you with a special acknowledgment in return for your support.

Direct bank transfer

Making a bank transfer donation is a straightforward and direct way to support our mission. Your donation goes directly to the heart of our organization, enabling us to continue our work in enabling equal education.

To make a bank transfer donation, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Access your online banking or visit your local bank branch.
  2. Start a new transaction with the following details:
    • Name:                          Copernicus Berlin e.V.
    • Bank Name:               Commerzbank
    • IBAN:                            DE09 1008 0000 0993 9404 00
    • Swift/BIC Code:         DRESDEFF100
    • Reference/Purpose: Donation + your name + your address
  3. Enter the donation amount.
  4. Review and confirm the transaction.
After completing the bank transfer, please take a moment to send us an email at accounting@copernicusberlin.de to inform us of your donation and request a gratitude package. Our team will be delighted to assist you in receiving a special acknowledgments in return for your support.


PayPal is a trusted and secure platform used by millions worldwide for online transactions. Your financial information is kept safe, giving you peace of mind when making a donation.

After completing the PayPal transfer, please take a moment to send us an email at accounting@copernicusberlin.de to inform us of your donation and request a gratitude package. Our team will be delighted to assist you in receiving a special acknowledgments in return for your support.

Bildungsspender (educational donor)

Copernicus Berlin is a member of Bildungsspender (educational donor), a platform that bridges the gap between your everyday purchases and charitable contributions. When you visit Bildungsspender through this link, you can shop with companies like Deutsche Bahn, Lieferando, eBay, OTTO, DECATHLON, Booking.com, Thalia, and many more. They donate a small portion of your purchase to support Copernicus Berlin’s educational initiatives. It doesn’t cost you a single extra euro! You can support Copernicus Berlin while shopping for your favorite products or services. Your purchases have the power to make a positive impact on our educational initiatives without any additional financial burden on your part.

material donation

At Copernicus Berlin, we believe that every act of kindness can make a significant impact. If you’d like to contribute to our cause through material donations, we warmly welcome your support. Our current needs encompass following items, including gadgets and computers, vehicles, and real estate.

Gadgets and Computers

As Copernicus Berlin continues to grow, with an expanding number of scholarship holders, program participants, and dedicated staff, our organization is in need of essential resources to enhance operational efficiency. To facilitate our mission effectively, we require additional computer equipment, including desktop computers, laptops, printers, and scanners. These tools will empower our team to manage the increasing workload more efficiently.

Moreover, we are committed to providing equal opportunities to disadvantaged scholarship holders, and to that end, we require smartphones and tablets. These devices will enable us to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all our beneficiaries have access to the resources they need for their education and personal growth.

If you wish to support us through material donations in this category, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us at accounting@copernicusberlin.de


As Copernicus Berlin experiences substantial growth, with an ever-increasing number of scholarship holders, program participants, and team members, we are in need of additional vehicles to facilitate our operations and enhance the quality of our programs.

These vehicles will play a crucial role in organizing trips around Germany, allowing us to present German culture more effectively and creating unforgettable experiences for our beneficiaries. The mobility they provide will enable us to plan and execute these trips smoothly, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the richness of German culture.

Furthermore, the acquisition of additional vehicles will significantly improve our operational efficiency.

If you wish to support us through material donations in this category, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us at accounting@copernicusberlin.de

Real Estate

As Copernicus Berlin continues to grow, we are faced with the exciting challenge of accommodating this expanding family.

To ensure a memorable and enriching experience for our scholarship holders and program participants, we are in constant search of suitable accommodations. Our goal is to provide comfortable and welcoming spaces where they can learn, grow, and connect with German culture. Your support can help us secure these spaces and create an environment that fosters education and personal development.

Additionally, with an increased team size, we require additional working spaces for every team member. These spaces are essential to maintain a productive and collaborative work environment, enabling us to better serve our community and execute our programs effectively.

If you wish to support us through material donations in this category, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us at accounting@copernicusberlin.de

Q & A

Donations to Copernicus Berlin are tax-deductible in accordance with § 10 b para. 1 EStG. We will send you a donation receipt for your donation within a month after receiving it on our bank account. Donations of up to 200 euros can be claimed from the tax office without a donation receipt.

We utilize your donations in various ways to support our mission and the individuals we serve. Here’s how your contributions are typically allocated:

  1. Scholarships: A significant portion of financial donations is allocated to providing scholarships for deserving students. This helps disadvantaged individuals access quality education and improve their prospects for the future.

  2. Program Development: Donations are also used to develop and expand our programs, including cultural exchange initiatives, mentorship programs, and skill-building workshops. These programs aim to provide holistic support and enrichment opportunities for our scholarship holders and participants.

  3. Operational Expenses: A portion of the donations is dedicated to covering operational expenses, including administrative costs, and maintaining our facilities. This ensures the efficient functioning of our organization and programs.

  4. Material and Equipment: Donations in the form of material goods or equipment, such as computers, or vehicles are utilized to enhance our operational capabilities and improve the experiences of our scholarship holders and program participants.

  5. Facilities and Accommodation: For donations related to real estate or accommodations, the funds are used to acquire and maintain suitable facilities for our community, ensuring safe and comfortable spaces for learning and living.

  6. Emergency Funds: A portion of donations may be set aside for emergency situations or unforeseen needs, ensuring that we can respond swiftly and effectively to urgent circumstances affecting our beneficiaries.

Your data is in safe hands with us. They are transmitted exclusively in encrypted form to ensure maximum security. Learn more.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our general inquiries team at info@copernicusberlin.de or our financial team at accounting@copernicusberlin.de. We are here to assist you and provide any necessary details or clarifications. Your support and engagement with our organization are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to connecting with you. Thank you for your interest in Copernicus Berlin and our mission.