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As a transparent and accountable organisation we are delighted to share with you a collection of our essential documents that provide insight into our mission, values, and operations. Here, you can also find useful resources, including various forms and flyers related to our programs. 


Here you can explore comprehensive annual reports of Copernicus Berlin, showcasing our achievements and progress in the past years. These documents provides a detailed overview of our activities, financial performance, and strategic initiatives. Whether you are a stakeholder, partner, or interested observer, these reports offers valuable insights into how we are advancing our mission and making a positive impact in the community. Download reports to discover more about our milestones and future outlook.

Dive into the scholarship opportunities offered by the Copernicus Berlin. Our guide contains detailed information on the diverse scholarship options available and the criteria used in our selection process.

Copernicus Berlin Scholarship Programs and Selection Process

Copernicus Berlin values non-profit status greatly, as it helps us gain public acceptance and support. To attain this status, we undergo thorough scrutiny by the German tax office, which confirms our dedication to charitable purposes through exemption certificates. Here you can view these certificates from 2000 onwards.